MR Rock n Roll

Mr RockíníRoll was born in the 50ís and grew up with the sounds of Buddy Holly, Del Shannon, Elvis, The Everley Brosí and Chuck Berry blasting out from every radio and on every street corner. RockíníRoll was the Ďhappeningí sound of the times.

ďI remember going to ĎSaturday Morning Picturesí and each week seeing another live RockíníRoll band. It was impossible to not get caught up in the RockíníRoll scene," said Mr RockíníRoll. ďRockíníRoll seemed to combine, Barbershop Harmonies & Gospel music with a driving country beat resulting in the unmistakable sound we know today as RockíníRoll.Ē

Mr RockíníRoll has built his reputation as East Angliaís premier RockíníRoll entertainer. Nostalgia is what his act is all about, a chance to reminisce and dance all night and sing along to the classic hits of the 50ís, 60ís & 70ís. Mr RockíníRoll is neither a sound-a-like nor a look-a-like. He is however an entertainer, capable of getting any crowd up & dancing even before the alcohol has time to take effect.

With a repertoire of over 140 great RockíníRoll tracks, from artists such as Buddy Holly, Elvis, Cliff Richard, Searchers, Showaddywaddy, Chuck Berry, Everley Brosí, Jackie Wilson and more, Mr RockíníRoll dips in and out of this great repertoire to ensure that music is tailored to each event and audience. ď No two track lists will ever be the sameĒ said Mr RockíníRoll, ďas I feel it is very important to get a feel for the audience as the evening builds to ensure a good time is had by all.Ē ďI have played at every type of venue, from the local Pub to Theatreís to outdoor events for Thousands, and appreciate that it is my job to read the audience and adapt my set around them. If they have a good time, then so will I.Ē

This philosophy has ensured that Mr Rock Ďní Roll has never played a pub or club, that he has not been asked back to.

Wearing Custom made Teddy Boy Suits, Mr RockíníRoll completes the look with an authentic 1950ís style microphone, Mr RockíníRoll really looks and sounds the part.

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